The FDNY Mourns the Passing of EMS Chief John McFarland

The FDNY Mourns the Passing of Former EMS Chief John McFarland


EMS Assistant Chief John McFarland, who served the EMS Command for more than 28 years and led many innovations that changed nationwide emergency medical services, died on Feb. 6 after battling a brain tumor.

NYC REMAC Protocol Updates 2011

New protocol updates have gone into effect August 1, 2011

Some Ideas To Help You Stay Cool

Some ideas to help you stay cool during hot weather.

Happy EMS Week 2011

Click on this link to view the EMS WEEK 2011 EVENTS CALENDAR

14 Die In Horrific Crash

A crowded bus cruising back to Chinatown from Connecticut's Mohegan Sun casino early yesterday was split in half in a horrifying accident on I-95 in The Bronx -- leaving 14 passengers dead and a...

EMS Members Promoted, Graduate

It was a happy day for 34 members of the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) as they received promotions during a ceremony at the Fire Academy on Feb. 17.

WPIX speak with members of the NYTF-1 Haiti rescue team.

FDNY picks Lion Apparel's MT94 CBRN suit for hazmat duty

 FDNY is upgrading its response protocol to improve its ability to respond to chemical, biological and WMD incidents by enhancing its chemical protective clothing program. The department has selected Lion Apparel's MT94 (Multi-Threat) CBRN suit, which has been particularly designed for mobility in a Class 2 suit, with a focus on allowing a natural freedom of movement. FDNY's revamped program provides its hazmat response teams with a more functional alternative than wearing traditional Level A suits to respond to such incidents. Lion's MT94 is a one-piece ensemble designed to protect against some of the world's deadliest chemical and biological threats.

Members Rescue Worker Who Collapsed in Tunnel

FDNY members - including Haz Tac paramedics and firefighters - rescued a worker who had collapsed in an MTA access tunnel at Park Avenue and 36th Street in Manhattan on Aug. 10. "They really went beyond the call of duty," said EMS Chief Stuart Belsky. "Went right in and did what they had to do. It was an impressive effort." Members got a call about a collapsed worker at around 6:20 p.m. EMS members were the first to arrive on the scene, they climbed about 100 feet down unstable stairs to the patient, who had collapsed from the heat. They immediately began hydrating him through an IV and cooling him with ice packs. Members then put on a backboard and loaded him into a stokes basket. Since the stairs were narrow and scaffolding-like, the members of Rescue 1 helped hoist him to street level. Firefighters then hooked him up to a bridle with high-angle ropes that they attached to Ladder 7's bucket as a high point. They were able to slowly guide him up to street level, where he was transported by EMS to Bellevue Hospital. "They did really well," said Lt. Antonio Tarabocchia from Rescue 1. "Everybody pitched in and helped out."

FDNY Rescue Medics Saved Two People from Crane Collapse

 Two FDNY rescue paramedics are being hailed as heroes for saving the lives of two men trapped in the rubble of the crane collapse on March 15. When specially-trained Paramedics Marco Girao and Juan Henriquez arrived on the scene, firefighters and police told them there were two victims trapped under the rubble at 305 East 50 Street. Paramedics Girao and Henriquez said they then split up, each tending to a victim.